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1.5.1 Safeguarding Children at Risk of Significant Harm


Child Protection s47 Enquiries


Assessment Procedure

Islington's Children in Need (CIN) Procedures outline the actions that should be taken whilst a child is need. These procedures are designed to ensure that the right action is taken, within specified timescales so that a child may be protected from harm and supported to achieve positive outcomes.

However there are times when a social worker will need to act more quickly to secure the immediate safety of a child. These circumstances are governed by the London Child Protection Procedures.

If, at any stage during the time that a social worker is working with a child, there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child is at risk of significant harm, the social worker should immediately inform her/his manager. The manager will determine whether or not to convene a strategy meeting or discussion to inform whether Section 47 Enquiries are required.

See: Assessment Procedure.

See: London Child Protection Procedures.

Children in Specific Circumstances

A social worker may also come into contact with children in specific circumstances which lead the social worker to think that a child may be suffering abuse, neglect or exploitation. These specific circumstances are detailed in London Child Protection Procedures.