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1.5.2 The Formation of Detailed Child Protection Plans/Written Agreements from Outline Child Protection Plans


Child Protection s47 Enquiries

This chapter was added to these procedures in October 2011.

Once an outline Child Protection (CP) plan is drawn up at a child protection conference, the lead social worker is expected to develop it into a detailed plan/written agreement as described in London Child Protection Procedures:

"The lead social worker must make a record of the core group meetings and formulate the detailed child protection plan in the form of a written agreement for all parties to sign."

The outline plan, drawn up by the child protection coordinator at the conference, should therefore be added to at the next available core group meeting. It should then be signed so that it becomes a written agreement as follows:

  1. Social worker adds more detail to the outline plan at the core group meeting;
  2. Social worker ensures that all parties (parents and other core group members) then sign the detailed CP plan;
  3. Parents and children's views of the CP plan should also be recorded;
  4. The signed CP plan is scanned and attached in the 'Forms' section on ICS. The title of the scanned document would be: 'Parental consent/agreement' and in the notes section write: CP plan/written agreement;
  5. The existing outline plan on ICS is updated to become the CP plan, by including (a) the detail agreed at the core group (b) the parents and children's views (c) reference to the scanned signatures;
  6. The detailed CP plan is circulated to all parties with the core group minutes.