Step Responsible party Timescale
TM is informed that ACRP confirms access to care. Operational Manager Immediately following decision
Senior Performance Administrator is notified of cases anticipated to transfer and by when. Brief summary of the case and ICS reference number is provided. Transferring manager Weekly
Case transfer list is updated (includes ICS number; name; DOB; SW/DTM/TM; relevant dates; status of legal proceedings, if relevant Senior Administrator Weekly
Case is allocated and both CIN and CLA team managers are notified Operational Manager Within a week
Receiving Team Manager will contact the existing Team Manager and start the transfer discussion which will set out timetable and key activities to be completed

CIN and CLA Team

By first LAC Review, including s20 cases; granting of care order or post hospital discharge for newborn babies.
Case is allocated to a social worker Team Manager (receiving team) Within a week of case being allocated to new team
Notification of transfer to child, family and other professionals Referring team After ACRP confirmation

Pre-transfer discussion is arranged prior to the anticipated transfer date to:

  • Share initial information clarifying the needs of the child and how the incoming team can provide continuity of response to those needs;
  • Bbriefly review the progress of the child against the existing plan and any immediate outstanding actions;
  • Discuss risk management issues, safeguarding plans and overall care plan;
  • Discuss outstanding care proceedings issues, where relevant;
  • Consider transfer issues, including introductions and endings.
CIN and CLA Social workers and DTMs to coordinate After notification of team allocation
Recording of case transfer on ICS (guidance can be found on izzi help guides). Social Worker Prior to transfer
Transfer is completed the case is moved from a 'transfer list' to a 'historic transfer list.' Senior Administrator Post-transfer
Case transfer is withdrawn Referring manager to notify the receiving manager and Operational Manager. As required